KODI Home Theater Troubleshooting: Blank Display

After you have installed Kodi Home Theater System into your Raspberry PI following our guide Kodi Home Theater: Turn your ordinary HDMI TV / LED / LCD, The Smart TV, you may encounter a situation when your TV shows no source error and display is blank. There are certain reasons for this particular scenario.

  • HDMI cable is broken / unplugged.
  • Media failure due to improper image writing.
  • Power supply for Raspberry Pi is under rated.

If you are on a different situation where everything is correct then, switch on the tv first, once tv is started, turn on the Raspberry Pi. Now if you can see the KODI Home Theater main screen and everything is as expected, then issue is related to your Raspberry Pi configuration. System does not detect the display as most of the TV takes some time to start up and Raspberry Pi boots up prior the TV is UP, hence could not detect any display during booting.


  • Adapt the Raspberry Pi configuration to turn on the display even if no display is detected.
  • Adapt the resolution according to your TV.

Still confused?

Our support team is ready to help you out. Hire us to solve your issues with KODI at very minute cost.

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