WeMos D1 Mini Mod: Replacement with ESP8266 ESP-07 + OTA

While working on a wireless project, WiFi range is a common issue. Today We have experimented with WeMos D1 Mini by replacing ESP-12F with ESP-07 with external antenna. Here are various points one must take care of while flashing ESP-07.

Key Points:

  1. Change board to Generic ESP8266 module.
  2. Choose Flash size to 1M(64K SPIFFS) otherwise OTA will not work.
  3. Choose Reset Method to “nodemcu” otherwise uploading will not working on WeMos D1 Mini ESP-07 modification.

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Scott Webster Wood
Scott Webster Wood
4 years ago

FYI, esp-07 is an esp8266, just a version with an antenna connector. (most wemos/nodemcu come with esp-12* boards on them, generally 12e or 12f)

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