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Setting the Static IP Address:

Step I – Install the SSH & Web Terminal Add-on:

  • Navigate to Hass.io > ADD-ON STORE.
  • Find out SSH & Web Terminal, click on it under search results and Install it.
  • Turn off Protection mode by clicking on toggle switch.
  • Toggle Show in sidebar option to ON.
  • Go down to Config section.
    • Input your desired “username” & “password”.
    • Add “networkmanager” under packages.
    • Save the changes by clicking on save.
  • Go up and click on Start on run the add-on.


Note: It will take handsome amount of time to get it install and further start up. So be patient and have a look on to Log section on bottom of the SSH & Web Terminal add-on page for further information.

Once SSH & Web Terminal add-on starts up successfully, refresh the page and you will see a new Terminal button in left sidebar. Navigate to Terminal and Hassio CLI will welcome you if you have successfully installed, configured and started SSH & Web Terminal add-on.

Step II – Setting up fixed IP Address:

  • Type nmcli connection show and hit enter. Note down the connection name for which you want to set the Static IP e.g. HassOS default under eth0 device.

  • Now edit the connection by submitting nmcli con edit “HassOS default” command. It will open nmcli interactive connective editor where you can change the network properties.
  • print ipv4¬†will show you current properties.
  • Change IP Address by command set ipv4.addresses
    • Change with your actual IP address.
    • It will ask for Do you also want to set ‘ipv4.method’ to ‘manual’?
    • Type Yes and hit enter.
  • Change dns & gateway by set ipv4.dns and set ipv4.gateway¬†respectively.
  • Save and quit the CLI by save and quit respectively.

Step III – Restart the System:

  • Navigate to Hass.io > SYSTEM > REBOOT to restart the system to take new changes effect.
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