What is Sonoff Tasmota?

Sonoff Tasmota is an open source firmware which is compatible with almost all Sonoff Smart Switches. There are certain benefits of Sonoff Tasmota firmware over builtin Sonoff firmware such as;

  • You can control your switches without internet.
    • LAN Control is available in Pre-installed Sonoff Firmware but it’s functionality is limited to just turning the switch ON / OFF.
  • You have full control over your appliances and no third-party is involved in the system.
    • Officially, all Sonoff devices are connected to a secure cloud servers acting as an intermediate between eWelink App and your Sonoff Smart Switches.
  • You can control your switches with Smart Phone, PC, Voice Assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa etc.
    • You cannot use your PC or any device other than Android and Apple OS because eWelink app is available for Android and Apple OS only. However, Voice Assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa etc. do work with pre-installed Sonoff firmware.
  • There is almost no down time (our office server is running since 2015 with 99.9% up-time).
    • You cannot control / partially control (Sonoff LAN Control) your Smart Switches if cloud servers controlling millions of Sonoff devices go offline. However, Itead engineers maintain the system efficiently and service is made online as soon as possible.
  • There is endless automation as Node-Red, a graphical programming tool, is an efficient part of Local Control System where you can automate the stuff by using drag and drop interface without any programming knowledge.
    • You can set timers and use various other basic automation rules within pre-installed firmware.
    • All the automation features are controlled by the parent company and you cannot incorporate your own desired features.
  • Sonoff Tasmota Firmware requires your own Raspbery Pi based server for centralized control of your all Sonoff Smart Switches. We can help you for setting up your own server by a one-time small fee. For more information read Sonoff Local Control Server – Raspberry Pi.
    • You do not require to setup your own server with pre-installed Sonoff Firmware, however, internet is mandatory to connect your eWelink app with your Sonoff devices.

Do remember, you cannot use official eWelink app with Sonoff Tasmota Firmware. However, you can use other numerous apps such as Domoticz (iOSAndroid), Openhab (iOSAndroid), Home Assistant (iOSAndroid) and many others with Sonoff Tasmota.

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