Password Protected Raspberry Pi File Server – Samba

Samba is a free software re-implementation of the SMB/CIFS networking protocol which turns your Raspberry Pi into a file server to back up and share content from anywhere on your local network. Adopt the following procedure to get your password protected Raspberry Pi File Server set up for you.

Install Samba File Server:

Configuring Samba to share folders:

Create a shared folder by typing the following command. It will create a new folder with Read & Write permission.

Edit the samba configuration file in nano editor.

Add the following contents in the end of file to share our “backup” folder to our local network.

Save the configuration file by pressing “Ctrl” and “X” key followed by “Y” and “Return” key. After that add user Pi to gain access to Pi File System through Samba.

For OTA Update Server for ESP8266:

For OTA updates delete the previous configuration file and create new file by pasting the contents of Samba-Configuration file in to nano editor by clicking “Right Mouse Button”. 

Save the configuration file by pressing “Ctrl” and “X” key followed by “Y” and “Return” key. There will be two folders available, namely “root” and “www”. “www” is the folder where we’ll upload our OTA update binary files.

Creating User Access:

Add user Pi to gain access to Raspberry Pi File System through Samba.

Bu issuing the command above, system will ask for password, type your password, press “Return” key, retype the same password and again press “Return” key. Now open the IP address of your Pi in your computer “Windows Explorer”. For example;



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