Node-Red: Backup & Restore

This article  is a sequel of our Node-Red series of tutorials and focuses on Backup & Restore of Node-Red data. We can backup a node, a flow (number of nodes connected to each others make a flow) or complete Node-Red data using various methods.

Import & Export Menu:

  • Select a node or flow, go to Node-Red menu and click on Export.
  • You can export:
    • selected nodes.
    • current flow i.e. all the nodes located under a given flow tab.
    • all flows i.e. all the nodes of a Node-Red instance.
  • Choose selected nodes on Export tab.
  • Click on JSON and Copy to clipboard.
  • Now you can:
    • Save the data by pasting it in to a text file.
    •  Import it to another Node-Red instance.
  • For importing, go to
  • Node-Red menu and click on Import.
  • Paste the JSON data in Clipboard section and hit Import.
  • Nodes / Flows are now float over the Node-Red window, click to place them and Hit Deploy.

Old School Full Data Backup & Restore:

  • Copy all files located in the  Pi Home\pi\.node-red directory and save it.
  • Run the Node-Red for the first time in new machine, so that all configurational files are created.
  • Paste the files copied before, in the same directory on a new machine.
  • Remember to change the xxx of flows_xxx.json and flows_xxx_cred.json files according to the hostname of new machine.
  • Restart the Node-Red by command sudo systemctl restart nodered.service.

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