Sending Home Assistant Notification using Whatsapp

There are number of ways to send Home Assistant notifications to user smart phones. Everyone is using Whatsapp so why not we get notified about activities at our home via Whatsapp? Here we are discussing an unofficial whatsapp WAPS plugin which is the part of AutoApps Automation & Mesaging Platform asolutely for free.


Sending Home Assistant Notification using Whatsapp:

Step I: Signup for an account:

  • Login to AutoApps at
  • After login it welcomes you with a landing page which tells that you are not logged into WAPS.

  • Click on Login to WAPS Ultimate and it will show a QR Code similar to Whatsapp Web.
  • Open your Whatsapp app and tap on little hamburg icon.
  • Tap on Linked Devices > Link a device.
  • Now scan the WAPS Ultimate QR code and you are ready to play with all features of AutoApps WAPS Plugin.

Step III: Get API Key:

  • Hower the cursor to little user icon on top right corner to access the user menu.
  • Tap on Edit Details.
  • Copy the User Id and API Key which we shall use later on.

Step IV: Home Assistant Notification:

  • Add the following lines in the configuration.yaml file to create a new REST Notify service.


  - name: AutoApps WAPS
    platform: rest
    method: POST_JSON
      content-type: 'application/json'
      uid: "userID"             #Enter your User Id
      key: "BO1XXXXV8EXX6"      #Enter your API Key
      number: "+12345678900"    #Enter your Whatsapp number where you want to receive notification
      message: "{{ message }}"

Step V: Testing Notification:

  • Under your Home Assistant instance, navigate to Developer Tools > SERVICES.
  • Choose Notifications: Send a notification with autoapps_waps from Service
  • Add the following lines and click CALL SERVICE.
service: notify.autoapps_waps
data: {
  message: Hello from Home Assistant
  • You will get a whatsapp message at given number from your own Whatsapp number.
  • Now you may use this notification service with Home Assistant Automation.

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