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Sonoff Pow R2 as Energy Meter  


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Can I use Sonoff POW R2 as energy meter? Does it require internet to operate the switch? Can it preserve the switch state? I want it to always remain ON want to operate my AC with remote.

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You can use Sonoff Pow R2 as Energy Meter.

  • It will remain on if you will keep it on.
    • You can operate your AC normally with Remote
  • Normally Sonoff Devices have an option regarding their switch state (ON / OFF / KEEP) at boot e.g. Start after electric downfall.
    • If you want your switch to operate in it’s state in which it was (either ON / OFF) prior Power Fail, then you can use “KEEP” state
    • If you want to start in “ON” state, use the option of ON and vice versa.
  • Once you change the state (either ON / OFF) from the app or button or Amazon Alexa or Google Home, it’s state is preserved inside the switch itself and device work accordingly as per your settings (ON / OFF / KEEP).
  • You require internet (by default) to operate the device and there is no need of internet or anything else once you made the changes.
    • Suppose you choose the KEEP state, and you toggled the switch to ON. Device will remain switched ON unless you toggle it to OFF again. No matter if electric down fall etc. It will preserve it’s state after boot.
  • If you want to operate your device without internet, then you have to establish your own server.

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